Being gents ourselves who have used skincare for years, we were tired of the synthetic-fuelled products being pushed as beneficial for gents and decided to take matters into our own hands. We didn't take this on as a hobby because we were bored, we did it because we know skincare, and we want gents to use the right products for their skin types.
All our products have been formulated with the best Australian native ingredients to cater towards gent's thicker and oilier skin. These products will help buff away dead skin cells, exfoliate, soften, brighten and balance oil flow. On top of that, our skincare is also sensitive skin friendly which is very important being that our founder had sensitive skin growing up and found it a challenge to find the right skincare all those years.
Our skincare range is perfect for that young teen entering puberty and wanting to keep acne at bay with amazing ingredients, or the high-flying corporate who values a healthy lifestyle, fitness and what he puts into his body and on his skin. 
We know these products, paired with your healthy lifestyle practices will make a big difference to your skincare game. We recommend using our TRIAGE set to get the most out of our product range.